15 best movies on Netflix – You Don’t Miss It’s

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through Netflix, searching for the perfect movie to satisfy your entertainment cravings? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the 15 best movies on Netflix to save you the trouble and make your movie night a spectacular one. From heartwarming romances to mind-bending thrillers, Netflix has something for everyone. Let’s dive into this cinematic journey together and discover the hidden gems that Netflix has to offer!

15 best movies on Netflix - You Don't Miss It's

15 best movies on Netflix – You Don’t Miss It’s

1. The Irishman (2019)

Ah, “The Irishman”! Martin Scorsese’s epic gangster drama featuring the holy trinity of De Niro, Pacino, and Pesci! This three-and-a-half-hour masterpiece explores the life of Frank Sheeran, a truck driver turned hitman, as he recounts his involvement with the Bufalino crime family. Don’t miss this one!

2. Marriage Story (2019)

Drama, heartache, and a touch of comedy! “Marriage Story” is a beautifully acted and touching tale of a couple going through a painful divorce. Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver deliver unforgettable performances that’ll make you laugh, cry, and appreciate the complexities of love and relationships.

3. Inception (2010)

Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending thriller, “Inception,” is a rollercoaster of dreams within dreams. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a professional thief who enters the subconscious of his targets. Prepare for a wild ride filled with breathtaking visuals and intricate storytelling.

4. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)

A courtroom drama that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat! Based on true events, this film depicts the trial of seven activists accused of inciting a riot during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, it’s a powerful exploration of political turmoil.

5. The Queen’s Gambit (2020) – Not Your Typical Movie!

Hold your horses! “The Queen’s Gambit” isn’t a movie; it’s a limited series! But we couldn’t resist including it in our list of the best content on Netflix. This riveting series follows the life of Beth Harmon, a young orphaned chess prodigy, as she battles addiction and takes on the world of competitive chess. It’s a mesmerizing masterpiece!

6. The Irishman (2019)

Did you think we’d let you forget about “The Irishman” so easily? Not a chance! With its star-studded cast and Scorsese’s masterful direction, it’s a Netflix must-watch!

7. The Social Dilemma (2020)

Concerned about the impact of social media on society? “The Social Dilemma” is a documentary-drama that delves deep into the manipulative aspects of social media platforms. It’s an eye-opener that will make you rethink your online habits.

8. Roma (2018)

Alfonso Cuarón’s black-and-white masterpiece, “Roma,” is a visually stunning and emotionally powerful film. Set in Mexico City in the early 1970s, it follows the life of a domestic worker and her journey through the social and political upheaval of the era.

9. Extraction (2020)

Ready for some action? “Extraction” is a high-octane thriller starring Chris Hemsworth as a black-market mercenary tasked with rescuing a crime lord’s kidnapped son. The action sequences are jaw-dropping, and the suspense will keep you glued to your screen!

10. Bird Box (2018)

Sandra Bullock stars in the post-apocalyptic thriller “Bird Box.” It’s a gripping story where survivors must wear blindfolds to avoid supernatural entities that drive people to madness. The tension and suspense will make your heart race!

11. The Devil All the Time (2020)

A dark and twisted tale of post-war America, “The Devil All the Time” features an ensemble cast that includes Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson. This psychological thriller explores the sinister events that intertwine the lives of its characters.

12. 1922 (2017)

From the mind of Stephen King comes “1922,” a chilling adaptation of one of his novellas. It’s a slow-burning horror story about a farmer who conspires to murder his wife with horrifying consequences. Perfect for those who enjoy spine-tingling tales!

13. Okja (2017)

“Okja” is a delightful blend of adventure and drama. This heartwarming film follows the bond between a young girl and her genetically modified super pig. It’s a unique and touching story that raises important questions about animal rights and corporate greed.

14. The Half of It (2020)

A coming-of-age romantic drama with a twist! “The Half of It” is about an introverted student who helps the school jock woo a girl they both secretly love. But there’s a catch! The charming and heartfelt narrative will warm your heart.

15. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018)

And now for something completely different – an interactive movie experience! “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” is a mind-bending journey that allows you to make choices for the main character, Stefan. Your decisions shape the story in this gripping and unconventional film.

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FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered!

Q1: How do I access these movies on Netflix?

To access these fantastic films, all you need is a Netflix subscription! Just log in to your Netflix account, and you’ll find these movies in the library. If you don’t have a subscription, you can sign up on the Netflix website.

Q2: Are these movies available in all regions?

Netflix’s library can vary from region to region due to licensing agreements. While these movies are available in many regions, it’s possible that some may not have access to the entire selection. To check availability in your region, you can use Netflix’s built-in search feature.

Q3: Can I watch these movies on my mobile device?

Absolutely! Netflix is available on various platforms, including smartphones and tablets. You can watch these movies on the go, making it convenient for your movie night anywhere.

Q4: Are there subtitles and dubbing options?

Netflix offers subtitles and dubbing in multiple languages for most of its content, including the movies on our list. You can select your preferred language settings to enjoy the movies with ease.

Q5: What’s the cost of a Netflix subscription?

Netflix offers different subscription tiers with varying costs, depending on the number of screens and the video quality you prefer. They often provide a 30-day free trial for new subscribers. Check the Netflix website for the latest pricing details.

Conclusion: Movie Magic at Your Fingertips!

There you have it, folks! The 15 best movies on Netflix to kick your movie nights up a notch. Whether you’re into intense thrillers, heartwarming dramas, or mind-bending mysteries, Netflix has something for everyone. From the epic “The Irishman” to the interactive “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” this selection covers a wide range of genres and experiences. So, grab your popcorn, pick your favorite, and let the movie magic begin!

Don’t forget to subscribe to Netflix if you haven’t already and start enjoying these incredible films. With these options at your fingertips, you’ll never have a dull movie night again. Happy streaming and enjoy the 15 best movies on Netflix!

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